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Wedding and Celebration Cake Pricing


Wedding and Celebration Cakes have a serving minimum of 25.

All cakes start at $4.00 per serving for cakes designed in buttercream, and $5.25 for cakes designed in fondant.

Delivery and set-up is included for cakes over $250.00 to the Greater Phoenix Area. For deliveries outside the Phoenix area, the charge is appx. $75. Tucson and Flagstaff are $125. If cake is priced below $250.00 the fee is $25.00 to the Greater Phoenix Area.


Baked From Scratch Using Fine Ingredients

Cake Flavors and Fillings



Pink Champagne
Cookies and Cream
Red Velvet
Poppy Seed


Dulce De Leche
Whipped Cream w/ Fruit
Chocolate Mocha
Chocolate Buttercream
Chocolate Mint
Vanilla Buttercream
Strawberry Preserves
Raspberry Preserves
Cream Cheese
Peanut Butter
Boston Cream
Lemon Curd
Coconut Pecan
Chocolate Ganache
White Chocolate Ganache
Caramel Buttercream
Cookies and Cream

Cupcakes Baked Fresh to Order


Cupcakes have a minimum order of two dozen (24 cupcakes) for delivery, and start at $24.00 per dozen for standard flavors, and $28.00 per dozen for specialty flavors. Orders must be placed 24 hours prior to delivery time. A delivery fee of $3.50 will be added to every order. Custom fondant toppers available for additional fee of $2.00 per topper. To place order please call us at 480-296-3198 or by email at
***specialty flavor

Plain Jane

Vanilla Bean Cupcake
topped Vanilla Buttercream

Better Than

Chocolate Cupcake with
Caramel & Fudge throughout
topped with Whipped Cream
& Toffee Candy***

Milk's BFF

Chocolate Cupcake with
a Cream Filled Cookie Bottom
topped with Cookies & Cream

Cream Cheese Delight

Chocolate Cupcakes with
Cream Cheese & Chocolate
Chip center topped with
Whipped Cream Cheese Frosting


Vanilla Cupcakes with
Rainbow Sprinkles
topped with Vanilla
Buttercream and
more Spinkles


Pumpkin and Ginger cupcake
topped with Whipped Cream
Cheese Frosting (seasonal)

Sunday Brunch

French Toast Cupcake with a
Maple Cream Cheese Filling
topped with Maple Buttercream
and Candied Bacon***

Ish is Bananas

Banana Cupcake
topped with
Dulce De Leche Buttercream

Chubby Hubby

Chocolate Cupcake with
a Snickers center
topped with Caramel

Triple Threat

Choclate Cupcake filled with
Chocolate Ganache topped with
Chocolate Mocha Buttercream

Crazy for Cookies

Yellow Cupcake with
Cookie Dough center topped
with Cookie Dough Buttercream***

Strawberry Cheesecake

Strawberry Cupcake topped
with Cheesecake Frosting
and crushed Graham Crackers

Brownie Points

Brownie topped with
Cookie Dough Buttercream
and Mini Chocolate Chips

S'more Please

Chocolate Cupcake
filled with
Chocolate Ganache topped
with Marshmallow Buttercream
and Graham Cracker Crumbs

Carrots Galore

Carrot Cake Cupcake
topped with Cinnamon
Cream Cheese Frosting

Oh, Coconuts

Coconut Cupcake
topped with
Coconut Cream Cheese

Salted Caramel

Chocolate Cupcake
filled with Salted
Caramel topped with
Caramel Buttercream***

PB Cups

Chocolate Cupcake
with a Peanut Butter Cup
center topped with
PB Buttercream***

The Captian

Peanut Butter Cereal Cupcake
topped with Peanut Butter
Marshmallow Buttercream

Coffee & Doughnuts

Doughnut Cupcakes
coated in Cinnamon Sugar
topped with Espresso Buttercream


Cinnamon Cupcake filled
with Dulce de Leche
topped with Cinnamon
Cream Cheese Frosting***

Bubble Gum

Vanilla Cupake topped
with Pink Bubble Gum
Frosting and a Pink

Sweet & Tart

Lemon Cupcake filled
with Lemon Curd topped
with Raspberry Buttercream

PB & J

Peanut Butter Cupcake
filled with Homemade
Starwberry Preserves
topped with PB Buttercream

Fruity Loops

Fruit Loop Cereal Cupcakes
topped with Vanilla Buttercream

Chocolate Malt

Chocolate Malt Cupcake
topped with Chocolate

Minty Chocolate

Mint Chocolate Cupcake
topped a Mint and
Chocolate Buttercream

Don't Lay a Finger on my Cupcake

Butterfinger Cupcake
topped with Chocolate
Buttercream and Crushed
Butterfiinger Candy***

Banana Cream

Vanilla Cupcake filled
with Vanilla Pudding
topped with Banana

Berry Chocolate

Chocolate Cupcakes filled
with Chocolate Ganache
and Chopped Strawberries
topped with Chocolate

Southern Belle

Red Velvet Cupcake
topped with
Cream Cheese Frosting


Chocolate Cupcakes topped
with Coconut Frosting,
Shredded Coconut and
a Mini Almond Joy

Serving the Greater Phoenix Area

Meet the Team


We are family owned and operated, a tiny team consisting primarily of siblings. We bake and create all of our cakes at home, utilizing a larger commercial kitchen when we need to. Our Head Baker, Luis, is a classically trained Pastry Chef, our main Cake Artist, Gel, is self taught and specializes in creating lifelike Sugar Flowers. We offer Custom Wedding Cakes, Celebration Cakes, and Cupcakes for every occasion, we look forward to connecting with you and serving dessert for your next event.


Check Out Reviews From Our Clients

Blue Bake Shop is amazing, I can’t say enough about it!! Angelica is so fun and easy to work with and delivers exactly what you ask for. We had Blue Bake Shop make both our wedding cake and cupcakes for our baby shower. The cake? GORGEOUS. (And yummy) We got so many compliments on it and Angelica even added a little touch of Denver Broncos as a surprise to my hubby and he LOVED it! The cupcakes? DELICIOUS. The names are so stinking cute and the flavors are unique and rich. I highly recommend Blue Bake Shop for any event if you want to impress your guests with looks AND taste!
– Ali Leinbach
Blue Bake Shop is the only bakery I use! Angelica is great at all her treats and cakes. I’ve used her for special occasion treats and our wedding cake. She is always looking to try new designs and is great at offering suggestions to tie any ideas you have together. We went with a 3 tiered cake, with each layer as a different flavor, and it was covered in sprinkles. It was perfect! She provided us an image design after our tasting so we had a great idea of what our cake would look like, even with our topper on it. It was an amazing cake that everyone loved. I recommend her to all my friends and will use her for all treat needs in the future!
– Breana Shaw

Blue Bake Shop made the cake for our wedding. Angelica was fantastic to work with, and truly cared about what we wanted on our big day. She delivered a cake that looked so beautiful, we almost didn’t want to cut into it. It truly was a work of art. All of that said, it somehow tasted even better than it looked. We had different flavors on each layer, and all of them were delicious beyond words. Our guests loved our cake. We loved our cake. Thanks, Blue Bake Shop, for providing such an important part of our wedding.
– Dustin and Stephanie Packwood

Contact us Today for Your Next Event



How do I order a cake?

To order your cake, call 480-296-3198, or email at We will discuss your needs and, when appropriate based on the size and timing of your event, invite you to schedule a cake tasting.

What is your pricing?

Our cakes start at just $4.00 per serving for basic buttercream designs and $5.25 for basic rolled fondant designs.
While we do charge extra for more complicated designs, we don’t charge extra for different shaped cakes, we don’t charge extra for any flavors or fillings on our menu, and we don’t charge extra to have a different flavor on each tier.

How do I schedule a tasting?

To set up a cake tasting, please call us at 480-296-3198 or email us at Select a few flavors that you are interested in tasting, or we can prepare a variety. We hold our tastings Monday -Wednesdays from 10-6 by appointment for up to 4 people. The appointment usually takes about an hour. All tastings are complimentary for weddings and special events for over 75poeple. To make the most of your time, please consider the following before your tasting:
• Date & Time of Reception
• Number of Guests
• Colors being used (having examples with you is always helpful)
• Style of Cake (pictures of cakes you like are helpful- search the internet and magazines for ideas)
• Budget (our cakes start at $4.00 per serving).

Can you match the cake to the colors I am using?

For color matching we ask that you provide a swatch of the shade you would like. We will do our best to match the color to within 3 shades. With edible products and food grade dyes exact matches are sometimes difficult to achieve. Also be advised that dark colors will sometimes taste a little bitter, or stain. Please ask your consultant about matching color, or alternate ways to incorporate color into your design.

Do you have a minimum order?

For celebration cakes, our smallest is a 6” round that serves 8. For cupcakes we ask for a minimum of a two dozen. Custom and wedding cakes have a 25 serving minimum, and start at $4 per serving.

What if I need to Cancel my wedding Cake?

Full payment is due 2 weeks prior to the wedding date. Any changes can be made up to this point. Cancellations made 2 weeks prior to wedding date will receive a refund minus a $100 deposit. Postponing your cake with less than a two week notice will result in an additional 20% charge. Cancellations made within the two weeks prior two event will be taken on a case by case basis and may result in a forfeit of payments made.

What time can I expect my cake to be delivered?

Delivery and set-up is included for cakes over $250.00 to the Greater Phoenix Area.
For deliveries outside the Phoenix area, the charge is appx. $75. Tucson and Flagstaff are $125.
Cake deliveries are generally 2-3 hours before the start of the reception. It usually takes us anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour to set up depending on how much work needs to be finished on site. If your cake contains mousse or fresh fruit, we usually deliver 1-2 hours before the reception. For fresh flowers, we will be happy to arrange any on a cake so long as arrangements are made to have flowers delivered prior to our arrival.

Can we rent a cake stand from you?

Cake stands have a rental fee of $25 and a separate deposit check of $80, which we hold and return when the stand comes back. If you would rather not have a stand, the cake can be placed on a nicely wrapped board that is suitable for presentation on its own. If you are supplying the stand, please let us know the dimensions and style, so we can make the appropriate adjustments.

I am having an outdoor wedding any suggestions?

Usually we recommend that during warm or sunny days, the cake be kept indoors. Sun and heat can melt your frosting and make your cake unstable. If you do need to have your cake outdoors, then keep in mind that the cake will need to be covered in fondant, which is more stable, and cannot be filled with mousses or fresh fruits that can melt in the heat and cause your cake to be unstable. We deliver 1 hour before reception or wedding starts. We will not deliver earlier unless you have a cool place to store the cake. We are not responsible for any melting, damage, etc. to a cake displayed outdoors.

Do you offer Styrofoam “Dummy” cakes?

Styrofoam tiers are a great way to add height to your cake without having a lot of cake left over and also to save a little money. If you would like to add styrofoam tiers to your real cake, the pricing starts at 25% of the cost of the actual tier plus the decoration charge. Example: a 16″ round that serves 90pp ($270) would cost $67.50, plus any extra decoration charge.
Completely fake cakes are priced at appx. half the price of the base cake, with purchase of sheet cakes or cupcakes to serve. We will not provide a fake cake without an order for supplementary sheet cakes or desserts. Specialty decorations are additional and not discounted due to the labor involved. The top tier of the fake cake can be real so that you can cut the cake for pictures. A real 3 tier cake for appx. 90pp may cost $350. The fake cake would cost $175. A plain iced full sheet (1 layer) for 90pp would be $96 for a total of $271.

What is fondant?

Fondant is a sugar dough that is rolled thin and covers a layer of buttercream. It has a bad reputation for both taste and texture. We use a high quality fondant that most people find surprisingly delicious. It’s a marshmallow based fondant we make in-house. If you’d like to try it, just let us know at the tasting and we can even show you how thin we roll it. It makes a very smooth surface for decorating and has a cleaner look for some of the more modern designs. It’s also more stable for warm weather, and traveling.